Essence of ASE The ability to make things manifest through setting your intention and speaking it into existence.

Each candle was molded in INTENTION and created in LOVE using the various herbs and essential oils to complement particular purpose for specific outcomes.

Each fragrance will stimulate your senses, open your awareness and align your energy to attract your desire.


We currently have Two collections to choose from

The Crystal Candle Collection - contains one healing crystal gem inside. Each crystal is charged by the Full moon light. The candle is infused with herbs and essential oils that complement the particular crystal purpose. Which increases the energy of candle when you set your intention and light it. Watch the magic begin!

The Orisha Collection was created based on Three powerful Goddesses of the Yoruba tradition. Osun the Goddess, helps to assist you in Love and Wealth, Yemonja the Goddess has the ability to grant you inner peace and Oya the Goddess of change can increase your energy provide balance and protection. Choose a candle based on your needs and call on the energy of the Goddess
to work in your favor. Each Candle is infused with herbs and essential oils that are sacred to that particular Orisha (Goddess).


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